Quarterback Controversy in Dallas!

Photo by  Keith Allison

So how ‘bout them Cowboys? With rookie sensation Dak Prescott under centre while Tony Romo remains inactive, things continue to go the Dallas Cowboys’ way.

Dak Prescott has led the Cowboys to a 7-1 start as they enter the midway point of the season, with their only loss at the hands of the New York Giants early on in the first week of the regular season. Prescott himself has been able to prove his worth as the Cowboys’ quarterback by putting up stellar numbers. According to the football statistics site Pro Football Reference, in the eight games he has played this season he has thrown 12 touchdowns, with only two interceptions, and has earned a 66.5 completion percentage and a 104.2 quarterback rating. These are great statistics for any quarterback, let alone a rookie.

Despite these great statistics, the Cowboys’ regular starter, Tony Romo, will be ready to return to action in the coming weeks, and will be looking for his job back. There has been a lot of speculation on whether or not Romo will start when he’s healthy. The owner of the Cowboys, Jerry Jones, even said that he couldn’t imagine winning a Super Bowl without Tony Romo.

This means that Jerry Jones could possibly ruin the winning formula that has worked so well for the Cowboys. I know Tony Romo is the regular starting quarterback when he’s healthy, but considering how Prescott has been playing, and the chemistry he has developed with rookie running back Ezekiel Elliot, reverting Romo to the starting quarterback when he is healthy is definitely a mistake.

If Prescott plays in a game that the Cowboys lose while Romo sits idly on the roster, it will be tempting to turn back to Romo. But Prescott must be given the chance to battle through his loses, and see how he recovers in following games. With what Prescott has accomplished so far – leading the Cowboys to a 7-1 record and first place in the NFC East – is nothing short of spectacular. It would be a shame for that all of the effort, success and momentum go to waste if the Cowboys blindly turn back to Romo.

Jerry Jones and the rest of the coaching staff should let Prescott play the rest of this season as the starting quarterback, to let him finish what he has started. At 36, Tony Romo is an older player, and he has sustained multiple injuries in the past few years. With Prescott showing such impressive abilities at the age of 21, the Cowboys need to start embracing at their future, instead of clinging to the past.

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