Lost brother to brain cancer: Beatrice Povolo now runs in his memory

Beatrice Povolo and her family at the Pickering Terry Fox Run

by Ryan Orlecki

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

A few years ago, Beatrice Povolo suffered a tragic loss in her family as her brother died from brain cancer. Although it was an extremely difficult loss to cope with, Povolo now uses her brother as inspiration to run in the Terry Fox Run.

“Unfortunately, he died at a very early age, at 23, and he had quite a battle of it from the beginning,” Povolo said Sunday at the 30th annual Terry Fox Run in Pickering, Ontario.

Around 150 people participated. It was the 36th annual Terry Fox Run in Canada.

The organizer, Kevin Cahill said that they have raised around $840,000 in donations over the years through Terry Fox Runs to help find a cure for cancer. This year, their goal is to continue to raise money in support to find a cure for cancer.

“There’s been so many advancements in cancer research, in fact, osteogenic sarcoma that Terry had is a curable type of cancer now,” Cahill said. “That’s how much research dollars have helped.”

The Terry Fox Run takes place in 9,000 different communities each year with thousands of people participating in the event Canada-wide. In Pickering, many people were running for their loved ones who have died or are still fighting cancer.

“Although, there is not a cure for all types of cancer, we are battling and we are catching up,” Cahill said.

Along with all the organizers, volunteers, and participants, Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan attended this year’s run. He spoke at the opening ceremony.

“I just lost an uncle last month, and I lost my mother 12 years ago…so it’s something that touches each and every one of us in a personal way whether it’s family, friends or co-workers,” Ryan said. “We have all been touched by cancer, and to see the progress that have been made, particularly in the name of the young man like Terry Fox…continues to be such an inspiration.”

Povolo, as well as with her family were running for their second straight year in memory of her brother.

“Whenever you think you can’t do something, you think what could Terry have done and you just push yourself to do more,” Povolo said.


Also published by Centennial Journalism’s Notebook: https://centennialjournalism.wordpress.com/tag/ryan-orlecki/


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